Making Friends with Anger

Artists often suppress and redirect strong emotion into their artwork. Learning to do this wasn’t easy for me…

An Imposed Reality – Vietnam

I was in grade school when I was first exposed to the violence of men in any kind of ‘real’ way. I got up from bed and went into the living room where my mother was watching the late evening news. A clip was being shown of two American soldiers holding/dragging a thin and wounded Vietnamese man between them. One soldier pulled a pistol and shot the man in the head…

Eve’s Quandary

I am an atheist with no fondness for doctrines of any sort but somehow, I have developed an affection for the Bible’s first lady, Eve. She had the guts to pursue knowledge instead of timidly obeying God. But to hear Christians tell it, Eve ruined everything.

An Artist’s Calling Card

As an untrained artist with no accredited resume, I have found a fun (and addictive) way to introduce my art to the public.