Art Gifs as Promos


I have become addicted to making promotional art gifs (Graphics Interchange Format) using characters from my paintings.

These are fun and easy to make using any of the gif-making sites out there and, if you have some spare time, you may find it rewarding to explore these as eye-catching promos for up-coming sales, demos, or openings.

These are two I have used lately…One for general awareness of my miniature ACEO paintings and the one below to promoted a recent postcard sale.


These take patience and a bit of planning, but can satisfy an urge to explore some inventive exposure techniques.

Tip:  Some web users are turned off by too much animation, however, so use this format carefully and sparingly, and where it will have the greatest impact.

Trivia:  How to Pronounce GIF

Most designers pronounce GIF with a hard “g” like that in the word “give.” Interestingly, however, its developer Steve Wilhite of CompuServe intended it to be pronounced with a soft “g” like “jif” as in Jif peanut butter. A famous saying among the CompuServe developers in the ’80s was ” Choosy developers choose GIF” as a play on the peanut butter ad of that era.


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