To Receive Love and Compassion, We Must Give It


A couple of years after moving to Tucson (nearly 20 years ago), I worked for an alternative bookstore in town. One of my coworkers, a very unhappy young lady, frequently complained about the lack of compassion and understanding in the world.

I observed her over the course of several months and found I disliked her. Why?  I wondered. Eventually I realized it was because she offered nothing in the way of kindness, understanding, or cooperation to her coworkers or to the customers. This, along with her negativity, tended to repel everyone who came into contact with her.

If only she showed to others what she herself so desperately needs, I thought, maybe her experience of daily life would be improved.

I am glad I encountered this person because I was able to cement an idea into my being that has continued to be helpful through the years; not only do unto others but BE unto others as you would have them be to you. It works.

The featured photo is of an ACEO painting that I will be listing soon at

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  1. Yes. I 100% agree. Difficult as it often is.

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  2. Love the art 🙂 I sell my ACEO cards on Ebay too.


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