Move Me Monday – Gérard Collas

Gerard CollasGérard Collas is a French sculptor who creates beautiful, engaging, and thought-provoking objects. I think he is wonderful.

About Gérard – in his own words (translated by google)

Born in Paris, I draw since my childhood. I study in parallel graphic advertising and artistic drawing. Then, I chose the teaching of the Beaux-Arts in Paris (entry competition in 1986) where I affirm my trait and deepen my artistic knowledge by focusing on the human form.

   Then I go through a period of research during which I draw, paint. I work in advertising, cartoons, theater sets.

   In 1990, I discovered the North of the Lot and harvested in its geological diversity the first ferments of my future works. I fall in love with this strange country between heaven and earth where the clouds speak to the stones. It begins by walking, the look looks for the treasures buried in the belly of the stones. Then, engages a dialogue full of respect between man and matter. The work is shaped by the doubt, the pleasure and the extraordinary tension imposed by the definitive character of each chisel.

  In 1994, I decided to show some of my sculptures. My production, at the beginning very modest, has not ceased to increase until today.

   It was in the landscape that I understood that there was a harmony, a possible way to express myself and it was in the stone that I found my first answers.

   In order to sell my sculptures, I go up every year during the summer months a workshop-expo in the Priory of Carennac (46). The sale is direct, in the spirit of “short circuits”.

   The rest of the year, I huddled up in my studio. On the sidelines, I do a few interventions in schools and artistic workshops.

   I expose very little in gallery, with however some exceptions due to friendly encounters. I am not hostile to the galleries system, but I am concerned about my independence.

   Around 2005, the first assemblies appeared where I was able to use the lessons learned in the stone, notably the notions of line, mass, and clinging light. The rigor of the stone created in me a great thirst for discovering the extraordinary formal possibilities of the assembly, the inspiring force of the eroded materials and finally the desire to explore with gluttony the field of color. 

His website –

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