Does It Matter What They Say about your Work?

I have been asked many times, “What’s all that with the little pictures?” or they will say, “Oh, you do those ‘cutesy’ pictures”.

Dog and Trees

I put it down to the contrast they find between my serious nature (politically opinionated, somewhat pessimistic, and somewhat nihilistic) and my normally lighthearted, sometimes silly artwork. So I don’t blame them for being confused.

Perhaps my compulsion (and it is a compulsion-I have tried to stop a couple of times because it impacts my daily life and responsibilities) to produce my paintings, of which over the years I have made hundreds, is a reaction to (and an escape from) the world around me where we as human beings often fail each other. I don’t know; your guess is as good as mine. (An interesting side note: The creative process is, according to Freud, an alternative to neurosis.)

I am fortunate because any somewhat negative reaction I notice or any left-handed compliments I receive are balanced by what those who purchase my artwork have to say. That’s what matters to me. Much of my art I do for myself, but I cannot keep it. Where would I put it? So I give lots of it away, or I sell it on ebay  (mostly) or on my website.

Here are some examples of what I hear back from my small group of collectors on ebay: FEEDBACK

I also am often contacted personally, too, which I won’t share due to the private nature of one to one contact, and this pleases me so much. I would never have believed people could be so encouraging, and sweet. My view of human nature is always greatly improved after contact with my collectors.

My conclusion, at least in my case, is that it matters in that I find solace and pleasure in touching another human being, but even if that were not the case, I would still be up at dawn working on my little paintings.

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