Follow the Rabbit

Alice followed the white rabbit out of curiosity and was surprised by a mind-bending journey of discovery.

White Rabbit
White Rabbit

I love what I do and would have never found it had I not followed my curiosity about art and artists. Discovering genres, techniques, and other artists fills my days with absolute delight; it’s hard to stay in bed in the morning.

Passions come and go but curiosity need only be nudged and encouraged a little bit each day. Follow where it leads. Try something new. Even if you find painting, photography, writing, hiking, birding, or body building isn’t for you, you will have developed an appreciation for the time and struggle that goes into reaping any benefit from learning another skill. I was often frustrated and ready to throw my hands up in frustration when

Woman throws up her hands

first attempting to make a piece of art that I liked, let alone that anyone else might like. I learned just to do it everyday for relaxation. Soon the process became a channel and I began to improve.

It’s been nearly 20 years now since I first picked up a brush. I loved my artwork so much, it was hard to sell it until I realized that by letting my creations go, I was making room for new inspirations, improvement, and further improvisations. I have developed a detachment and realize that once I finish a piece, it must find its own place in the world or end up on my shelf as a reminder that some kids can┬ánever leave home!

Do I think I am a good artist? That’s a question that has ceased to have meaning for me. I love painting and letting go of whether anyone else likes it or not has broken any chains serving to block my enthusiasm. Another plus is the deep appreciation I now hold for the sustained accomplishment and artistry I witness in the artwork of others.

So, follow your rabbit and see where he/she leads you. It could be fantastic!


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